Standing Strong

Roots & Wings is no longer the little building we were when we opened three years ago, tucked away amongst the heaps of garbage that our neighbors would bring down from the dump.

We are no longer the small family center of two years ago with 14 children and a handful of families.

And we are no longer the blossoming ministry of one year ago with big new dreams and vision for the future.

At times, we miss the simpler days when we only had a few children and they were all in the same room together. However, we are also incredibly happy about where Roots & Wings is today.

We have 19 families and their 40 children in our program.

We offer over 52 hours of childcare and 30 hours of therapy each week.

We hold weekly Bible studies and have monthly parenting classes.

We serve well over 500 meals a week plus an additional two snacks a day per child.

Most importantly, God is using Roots & Wings each day to change lives. Children and their parents are growing in knowledge of our Heavenly Father and they are developing personal relationships with Him.

40 children are being empowered. 19 families are growing stronger.

Our building stands tall and stands strong; a physical representation of the ministry that operates within its walls. The community trusts Roots & Wings. They know that they can come to us for help and that we will not abandon them in their need. They know that everything we do, we do because God loves them and we love God.

And, as awesome as all this may be, there is still more ahead. We look towards this next year with excitement because we know that who Roots & Wings is today and what Roots & Wings is currently doing is not the extent of God’s plan for the ministry.

In anticipation of what is in store for Roots & Wings this year, we are launching an anniversary fundraising campaign called “Paint It Forward.” Our birthday wish is to raise $5,000 to paint the second level. Each of our new rooms upstairs will soon be bustling with children and parents being empowered to stay together and grow stronger as a family. Will you help us bring these rooms to life with some color?

Donate some paint in honor of our birthday!

*Canadian Donors: Please see our Giving page to receive tax credit for your donation. Then, send us a quick note so we can designate your gift accordingly.

Show us what you’ve got, year 4!