The Countdown Begins

Opening day as announced in this month’s newsletter is only 5 days away! And we are positive the question running through your minds is something to the effect of “Will Roots & Wings be able to open as planned?”

The answer: You will have to wait and see.


To say the least, this was a busy week. Delays and unexpected obstacles seemed to fill our days. While you pondered the plausibility of Roots & Wings’ opening date, we mulled over a few questions of our own. Will the doors get installed in time? Does the bathroom have the appropriate exit pipes for waste? Will the electricity company come and install the meter in time? How many trips to Home Depot does one have to make in a day before the employees know us by name? Will we be able to open as planned? 

These and many, many other questions bounced through our minds as we tried to sort out all of the final details. The doors will be installed by Friday morning. The bathroom does in fact have a toilet drain and apparently always has had one – it was simply hidden under a tile. CFE, the electricity company, is actually surprisingly efficient and arrived within 48 hours of our request.  The Home Depot employees probably do have a nickname for us; after all, it is not every day three young women walk in and sit on every toilet on display.  


For us the plan remains the same, to open on the 24th. We have tasks, lists and schedules. And we are eager to accomplish all the final details, so come Monday we are ready. But sometimes certain things are out of our control and we simply trust that God will accomplish His will. We’ll do our part and now we are asking you to do yours: pray. Pray for us this week as we address all the details needed to open. Pray for wisdom for all the decisions that need to be made. And we also invite you to pray for the children, the parents and for us on the 24th as we {hopefully} begin this new journey together.