Supporting the Child; Standing for the Family


Today, Roots & Wings turns 2.

Two years of laughs, of tears, and every emotion in between. Two years of growth and maturing, of victories and losses.

We’ve been open for two years and our mission has become more refined: Orphan Prevention and Family Empowerment._68A4359

Our focus is to empower families. 

We exist to assist families on the brink of losing their children due to poverty. We want take the risk of institutionalization off the table and keep families together. We want to offer families affordable childcare while their children are small and ensure they receive a solid education as they grow.

We want to protect vulnerable children from the dangers of being left with little to no supervision while their parents work. We want to teach moms and dads how to be better parents and caregivers. We want to help families be happy and whole. We want each one of them to experience the life-changing grace of Jesus.

As our mission has become more focused, so have our programs. Our child development center has grown in structure and quality. We’ve broadened our approach to better meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our families. We’ve begun to place a much larger emphasis on educating and equipping parents. Why?


Because even though our childcare staff does an amazing job of giving the kids what they need to grow and thrive, at the end of the day, the burden to care and provide for their children belongs to the parent. We never want to take that responsibility away from them.

We never want to cross the line between empowering and enabling.

Roots & Wings seeks to build and preserve the dignity of impoverished families. We want to come alongside them and give them the tools they need to succeed. We want to help them develop the skills needed to find stable employment in factories or shops. We want to offer money management classes to form healthy spending and saving habits – perhaps even help them establish small, income-generating businesses.

We want to build each parent’s capacity to provide for their family with the eventual goal for them to become self-sustaining.


We want to nurture and build up the faith of new believers through Bible studies and discipleship classes.

But we need space, funding and personnel. We are looking for someone to join Roots & Wings’ team as our family ministries coordinator. We need to expand our building to create space for new programs and more families. And we will rely on your investment to make it happen.

God’s got so much in store for Roots & Wings in Year Three. It gets our hearts pumping with excitement.

It is our joy and privilege to watch Jesus transform families through Roots & Wings.

And this is why we do what we do.

Year Three, we’re ready for you!