Our Founders

Rochelle Hiebert

Robin Davis

How did you guys meet?

We met working at a ministry in Baja California, Mexico. We lived and worked together for almost a year and were forced to become fast friends.

Why did you decide to start this ministry together?

We both knew we wanted to be missionaries for a long time and had each explored different ministry fields in Mexico. And after getting to know each other, we realized we shared a common passion for Mexico and its children. We didn’t have a clear idea of where that would lead us right away, but as time went by, God gave us this shared vision of starting Roots & Wings.

Are you scared of living in Mexico?

I think Mexico is home to both of us. We’ve both spent a considerable amount of time in the country and are quite comfortable with its environment and its people. We’re not oblivious to the dangers that may exist; however, we trust in God’s protection and his faithfulness. In the words of one of our board members, “the safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.”

What are your long term goals?

Our greatest goal is to positively affect as many children in Mexico as humanly possible by providing them with a safe place where they can not only have their physical needs met but also encounter Christ. Our hope is that these children, in turn, will lead purposeful lives as followers of Christ and positively affect those around them. Mazatlan is our starting point. And we look forward to where God takes us from there.