All the latest news and happenings at Roots & Wings

A Christmas Giving Opportunity!

13 November

The Christmas season is a special time of year – and it’s just around the corner! At Roots & Wings, we are beginning preparations for our Christmas celebration – a special event to commemorate the birth of our Savior with a Christmas program, meal, and a special gift for each child! Thanks to your Christmas […]

A virtual tour of Roots & Wings art gallery!

22 June

Roots & Wings expos are the highlight of each learning block! Last month’s theme was “Artistic Expression”, and the kids had an amazing time learning about different artists, discovering different forms of art, and expressing their own creativity through sculptures, paintings, drawings and more! All together, they created quite the art gallery that they had […]

A Year Of Celebrate Recovery

17 June

It’s been one year since the Celebrate Recovery group for men began at Roots & Wings. In those initial weeks, we had no idea the impact this program would end up having on a growing group of men, their wives and children, and on Roots & Wings’ ministry. Sometimes, only one or two men would […]

The Things We Don’t Tell You

24 April

We like to talk about successes. Isn’t it exciting to hear our success stories? That neglected baby dying of undernourishment that is now healthy and thriving and celebrating her 1st birthday.  (YEAH Katia!) The dad that’s gotten clean, is on fire for the Lord and becoming a committed leader and provider his family. (GO Juan!) […]

Keeping Families Together through Community-Based Recovery Ministries

31 March

Drug and alcohol addiction in Mexico is one of the leading causes of cyclical poverty, broken families, crime, and the problems that surround our communities here in Mazatlan. To give you some perspective, every child in Roots & Wings program has an immediate family member that is battling, or has battled, an addiction. Mothers. Fathers. […]

Covid-19 Update

23 March

Hi guys, we thought we’d give a little update on what’s happening at Roots & Wings. Mexico is in the same boat as the US and Canada: schools are closed and social distancing guidelines are in place. Friends and volunteers have had to depart earlier than anticipated, or postpone their visit. Like all of you, […]

When Motherhood is a Grandmother

19 September

She was so tiny. Her skin so pale, her body so fragile. We were afraid to take our eyes off her for even a second for fear she’d quit breathing. How could you not love and care for this new, precious little life? But addiction has a way of numbing all one’s emotions and focusing […]