Our Target


25 Years Of Experience In Charity Fund

Our Target


Urias is a colonia in Mazatlan that is home to the city’s garbage dump but more importantly to the individuals and families who work there.  Men and women alike sift through trash all day, looking for items of any value to sell. It’s a dirty job and often times a dangerous one. The work conditions are exactly what you might imagine when picturing people sifting through mountains of trash in the hot sun.

The stench is nauseating; the heat almost unbearable; and the environment bleak.

Just down the hill you find homes. Poorly constructed shacks that house so much collected garbage you can hardly distinguish where the dump truly ends. Running water is not a standard commodity and families can only acquire it by filling buckets for a fee when a water truck passes by. Amidst all this we find children. 

Children covered in filth and the smell of garbage. Children who play barefoot on trash-covered dirt.

Children who should be in school, but more often than not are left at home to fend for themselves while their parents go “up” to work. 

Lack of support and assistance for these families often results in their children being placed in potentially harmful situations. They are at risk of being abandoned, abused, exploited or removed from the home and placed in institutional care.

This is the community we have felt called to start our first childcare facility in.

Why Mexico?

Why not Africa, where the need could be considered much worse? Or why not find some kids in America to love on?  The answer is simple, yet beautifully complex. God has called us to serve the children of Mexico. He has chosen us to show them firsthand the love and grace of our Father in Heaven. And we simply LOVE to teach each child how much their God loves them and how special and valuable they are.