Why Sponsorship? {Part II}

If you missed “Why Sponsorship {Part I},” you can read it here.


As a donor you desire to give wisely. You want to ensure that any program you support is in no way harmful to the individuals, families or communities you wish to help. So when we ask you to sponsor a child at Roots & Wings, we understand that before you make such a commitment, you might have some questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Once such concern is that sponsorship programs cultivate jealously and lead to the unequal treatment of the children.  Another common apprehension associated with sponsoring a child is that the program you are supporting might end up undermining the role of the parents/guardians of the children it desires to help. And most alarming is the idea that the sponsorship program is creating and fostering an unbreakable dependency on the aid provided.

These are all legitimate concerns and should be given much thought when deciding to participate in any program. So in an effort to answer any lingering questions, we would like to take some time to address these issues in regards to Roots & Wings’ child sponsorship opportunity.

068A0110 How will Roots & Wings prevent inequality among the children who attend the daycare?

When you sponsor a child at Roots & Wings, the money will go into a general fund that will pay for the operating of the childcare facility as well as the tuition, school uniforms/supplies and medical expenses of all of the children in the program. We feel that this type of child sponsorship helps to prevent jealously among the children and avoids the negative effects that are associated with children being singled out or considered favorites. There will be no differentiation among the children and no additional benefits for children who have more sponsors. All of the children will be treated equally regardless of whether they have a sponsor or not.


How will Roots & Wings keep the responsibility of raising children upon the shoulders of the parents?

One of the biggest requirements for a child to be admitted into Roots & Wings is that their parent(s) must be working. Parents must show that they are trying to provide for their family. Roots & Wings wants to come alongside parents and provide them with much needed assistance. We do not, however, want to relieve parents of the responsibility of raising their children. To avoid being perceived as a handout, parents will have to “pay” for the program. They will need to complete a certain number of volunteer hours each month; they will need to attend periodic parenting and life skills classes; they will have assignments and challenges.  All of this will go a long way in preventing parents from feeling stripped of their self respect or like they are useless or worthless as parents.



How will Roots & Wings work to prevent children from developing an unhealthy dependence on the childcare program?

We do not want our children to only have the ability to succeed while in our program. We want every child that steps through our doors to be adequately prepared to excel in all aspects of life by the time they age out of the program. To do this we will give the children solid building blocks on which to build the rest of their lives: facilitating and promoting a well-rounded education, helping children develop good eating and hygiene habits, guiding children towards forming the social skills needed to carry out healthy interactions with others, and so much more. 

Roots & Wings will also work with the parents to assist them in improving the quality of life for their families. During their child’s time at Roots & Wings, every parent will be regularly educated, equipped and encouraged to become the best parent possible. We will educate the parents in nutrition, hygiene, discipline, budgeting and many other topics that will promote better parenting and household management. 

But above all, we will share with each child and parent about placing their trust in Jesus. Roots & Wings will teach and encourage children and their families to develop a dependence on God; to ask God to meet all of their needs; to give all their burdens to Him; and to trust in the Lord with all their hearts.

We exist to help children attain physical and spiritual wholeness and enable them to live joy-filled, purposeful lives. But we can not do this with out your help. So we invite you once again to change the world – sponsor a child today. 068A0597