Why Sponsorship? {Part I}

Want to Change a World?

Okay. We’ve all seen it before. The TV commercial with the dramatic music and the children with sad faces and lost looks in their eyes. And the message at the end is always the same: sponsor a child.


But does it help? Does child sponsorship really work? Does it really affect long term change for that impoverished, little child in a third world country? Well, we can’t answer for all organizations, but we can share with you why we at Roots & Wings believe child sponsorship can be an amazing thing. And why we want to give you the opportunity to sponsor a child into Roots & Wings.

It’s not a simple, one sentence answer. So grab a cup of coffee. Get comfy. Let’s go. Here’s why Roots & Wings has jumped on the bandwagon and launched a child sponsorship program:

Numero Uno: It meets a child’s immediate physical needs. While you or I sometimes feel like we can’t live without our smartphones, the children of the community surrounding the dump go through each day without many of the basics needed for good physical health. Your sponsorship will provide a child with nutritious meals, clean drinking water, comfortable daytime shelter, medical attention when needed, and clothing.


It is easy to identify and provide for a child’s physical needs. However, a child’s mental and emotional needs are equally important. Good mental health is crucial to learning how to behave socially and think clearly and logically. We aim to provide a child with the necessary basics for a healthy emotional life:  Unconditional Love. Affection. Acceptance. Affirmation. Discipline. Instruction. Encouragement. Security. The list goes on. Teach them boundaries. Self-control. How to set and achieve goals. And most critical of all: that Jesus loves them more than anything or anyone and their true identity lies in Him. Only He can meet their innermost, deepest need.


Next biggie: education. Education is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty. That is why Roots & Wings will put a huge emphasis on supporting the education of every child in our care. Your sponsorship will not only allow us to ensure that each child is enrolled in school, but also receives the tools they need to succeed in class: from uniforms and school supplies, to extra tutoring and homework help. A quality education is their best assurance for a bright, successful future. It expands employment opportunities that offer a lasting path out of poverty.


Family. The children of Roots & Wings are part of families, whether they live with their parents, grandparents, another relative or guardian. Your support allows a child to remain at home with their family instead of at risk of being abandoned to an orphanage. Not only that, it helps strengthen the family and restore their ability to provide and care for them. Parents can go to work without worrying about the safety and well-being of their child, while the high cost of raising a child is shouldered in part by Roots & Wings.


But, here’s our last reason, and perhaps the most important. You are giving a child HOPE.

But how does hope change a child’s life? Poverty causes children to have low self-esteem and low aspirations. Many of these children do not think they’re capable of much. They cannot see past their current way of life. Being sponsored into Roots & Wings will expand their view of their own possibilities. The nurturing they receive at Roots & Wings, along with your support and encouragement, will provide motivation and confidence during these crucial, formative years of their childhood. Together we will help these children realize that each one of them is special and have been given unique qualities and gifts, and we will help them develop their individual abilities to build a better future for themselves.


These are all building blocks to a healthy childhood. A healthy childhood is what will ultimately lead to a productive adult life. And a productive adult life is what will transform an entire community. The cycle of poverty is broken. Families are strengthened. An entire community is transformed.

Roots & Wings’ program is not about a quick fix or a handout. It is a commitment to years of hard work and investment into the lives of the children and their families. Your support empowers Roots & Wings to accomplish all these different facets of nurturing a child and your sponsorship allows you to build a relationship and a bond with a child that can last a lifetime.

So do you want to change a world? Here’s your chance.

Sponsor a child today.