The Power of Love


The past few weeks have been a bit of a tough run for us here in Mazatlan. Along with Maria and her girls disappearing there were many errands that needed to be run, meetings that needed to be held and decisions that needed to be made. And nowhere near enough time to accomplish it all. (At least that is how we felt.) But in the midst of all the rush and chaos, we recognize more and more that we are exactly where God wants us and that He has great plans for the community of Urias and for Roots & Wings.

This week, as part of our application process, we conducted our first home study. The conversation was extremely emotional and showed us just how deep the pain and brokenness runs in some of these families. It also showed us how desperate and desirous some parents are for a better childhood for their children than the one they experienced and a better life for their children than the one they are currently able to provide. This betterment, however, is not limited to nor focused on money. But rather, the betterment they seek is that of love.


Many of the parents in this community became parents when they themselves were still children. Many of the parents have difficulty expressing their love for their children verbally because they themselves cannot recall ever hearing that they were loved. Many of the parents never think to give their children a hug because they themselves do not know what it feels like to be hugged by their own mother or father.

For these parents the hurdle is not that they do not love or care for their children. Rather, the hurdle is that they do not know how to express that love for their sweet little ones. And sadly, you can see the painful effects this has on the children.

So who do you blame? Do we blame the parents for their inability to “properly” love their children? Do we blame the grandparents? Or the great-grandparents? How far back must we go before we find the individuals responsible for hurt we see today? And will this in any way help to lessen the hurt and brokenness?


Absolutely not.

The beauty is that we know the solution. And assigning blame is not the key to relieving all of the hurt or healing all of the pain. Each one of those little children has a Heavenly Father who loves them more than they could ever imagine. He also loves each of their parents. And that awesome love God has for them is more than enough to bring total, all-encompassing, perfect healing.

That is what Roots & Wings will share with this community. It is our greatest desire for Roots & Wings to be a beacon of God’s love. Yes, we know that meeting the physical needs of children is important. But that is not all we’re called to do. We are called to share Jesus with these children, their parents and the entire community. Because God’s love is what will transform their lives. His love is what will bring healing!