Life Gets Messy

We are surrounded by a beautiful mess. Chaotic lives. Messy families. Difficult situations. And I sometimes feel we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

I debated over whether to share the following story with you on today’s post. I decided against it last week, wishing the story might develop a different, happier ending if I waited. Yet we’ve been given this platform to share with you the joys, struggles and lessons learned on this journey and so that is simply what I hope to do. 

Maria, whom many of you have gotten to know through the blog this past year, has disappeared with her two young girls, Kena and Daniela. All we know is that she left the city with one of her exes – Daniela’s father. Her family hasn’t heard from her. His family hasn’t heard from him. No one has has had any contact with them in nearly two weeks.


This boy has a history of drug addiction, violence and abuse. 

It doesn’t make sense to us how a mother could put her two baby girls at risk by running away with someone like this.  Someone she has run away from before. Someone who repeatedly exploited her vulnerability. Someone who freely proclaimed his contempt for his own daughter. 

So this past week and a half we’ve been plagued with worry and fear. We fear for Maria and the girls’ safety and well being. We worry about the emotional and psychological toll it is no doubt having on Kena and Daniela. And we’ve been plagued by feelings of guilt. Maybe, somehow, we could have done something. We should have seen the signs. We should have taken more time. 


We can’t change the past. We can only hope for a better future.

We pray we find Maria. And when we find her, we are going to continue loving Maria, counselling her and empowering her. It may work, and it may not. But if we can get Maria back on her feet, maybe, just maybe she can become the mother that Kena and Daniela so desperately need.


We pray it happens… because this world doesn’t need more broken families.

We pray and ask God to fight for us. To fight for Kena and Daniela. To fight for Maria.

And we humbly ask you to join us in prayer. Pray for Maria to have a spirit of maturity and good judgment. Pray for discernment as how to best help this little family. Pray for strength as we fight what oftentimes seems like an impossible fight… and the wisdom to know when we just need to trust and be still.


And the lesson? Life is messy. But our God is sovereign.

No matter where they are, the Lord will never leave or forsake little Kena and Daniela. He will never leave or forsake Maria either. We have to keep reminding ourselves of that. So all we can do right now is pray. Will you pray with us?