We call them victories.  Our victories are the moments that make each day, week, month and year at Roots & Wings more than worth it.

Victory: Parents valuing Roots & Wings and what it offers. Our kiddos moms are spreading the word. They are Roots & Wings’ biggest advocates, sharing with other struggling parents about the safe haven they have found for their children.  A place where their children are well taken care of and where they learn “muchas cosas.” One of our favorite accolades thus far is about how children do not fight at Roots & Wings, that we “take care of that” as well. Ha. 


Victory: Clean kids. We count it as a win when a child arrives clean and proud of it. When they walk in, eager to show us their arms and legs, excited for us to see that they took a bath the night before. Personal hygiene and caring for their bodies is starting to matter!


VICTORY: The day one of our older boys decided that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. He got it, he gets it! He is placing his faith and trust in Jesus and we cannot find the words to even begin to express the joy that we felt!

Moments like these, from the smallest victories to the huge ones, make it all worth it. The hard days, the tears, the lies, the frustrations, the feelings of helplessness… they all pale in comparison to these victories.


Want to bless the children of Roots & Wings this Christmas? Our Christmas wish is to give each child a pair of shoes, an outfit, an educational toy and a gift for the whole family to enjoy! Please click here to donate to our Christmas fund today.