They’re Back!

_68A0888This duo is back!

After being away for some time due to family difficulties, Alexis and Juliedt are back at Roots & Wings and we couldn’t be happier.


We were devastated when she told us. She was leaving to Tijuana and taking Juliedt and Alexis with her. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

There was so much mystery surrounding their leaving. It left us sad and confused. 

They were gone for several months and yet we always felt connected. We exchanged messages and photos. We prayed for their protection and hoped for their return.

Juliedt and Alexis had been with us a long time. They joined us just a few months after we opened; she was 16 months old and he was 5. 


She was beautiful, abrasive, and more than a little stubborn. 


He was a quick learner, enthusiastic and adorably clumsy. 

She waltzed in on her first day like she owned the place. She discovered buckles on high chairs and made it her mission to understand them. He floored us with his intelligence and broke our hearts with his desperation for affection.

They’d often be the first to arrive and the last to leave and we bonded over Curious George stories and obstacle courses.


We are SO HAPPY to have them back. They have such a special place in our hearts and we have a feeling God is going to do something amazing in their family. We also know many of you have been praying with us for their safe return, and we just want to thank you for so faithfully covering these sweet siblings in your prayers!