The Great Debate

Dia del Niño fun!

At Roots & Wings we are continually in the midst of a debate. When is helping hurting?

At what point is the help provided by the ministry actually harmful to the children and their families?

At what point are the parental expectations and requirements, developed to empower, damaging to the children?

Where is the nice clear cut line that separates helpful giving from harmful giving?

If you look carefully, you’ll discover what they are looking at. 🙂

A large part of Roots & Wings’ ministry is empowering parents: giving them the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to raise their children in a healthy, happy, loving, Christ-centered home.

Childcare, meals, tuition, medical assistance, and so much more is offered at Roots & Wings to enable parents to go to work every day, free of worry for their child’s well being while they pour their time and energy into building a better life for themselves and their family.


But is it too much?

Are we creating a dependency on the ministry that we cannot counter with our requirements and classes? Are we making it impossible for these families to later on successfully provide for themselves?


Are we taking upon ourselves too much of the child rearing? Are we turning Roots & Wings parents into figure heads with no authority or respect?

Is Roots & Wings, while irrefutably doing good right now, harming families in the long term?

Comparing loot.

These are some of our fears and struggles. These are some of the questions we ponder every day. 

We don’t have the perfect answer. We are learning and growing as a ministry each and every day.  And we prayerfully seek God’s wisdom and guidance with each new situation that arises.

Follow along and join the conversation as we explore this topic further and leave us your feedback in the comment section below!