Thanks GMC!

Last week Roots & Wings had the pleasure of welcoming a group from Gospel Mennonite Church (GMC) in Sublette, Kansas. This is the second time a team from GMC has visited Roots & Wings and blessed our ministry and the surrounding community.

This year the team came stocked with over 150 family-sized food hampers for each of the families that work in the city’s garbage dump. The team, joined by the mothers in our program that work in the dump, distributed one food hamper to each family represented.

The team from GMC also went out of their way to make sure that everyone at Roots & Wings felt special by providing a delicious catered lunch of tacos for all the children and staff.

Thank you GMC for helping to meet the physical needs of the families that work in the garbage dump! Thank you for allowing God to work through you to show our families and our community a small fraction of the love God has for them.

There are many ways in which you can join Roots & Wings as we work to keep children in their families and help those families grow strong. For the GMC team it meant helping to meet the physical needs of the community where Roots & Wings works. What does partnering with Roots & Wings look like for you, your family or your church? For more information on how you can partner with us visit our “Get Involved” page and start helping Roots & Wings empower children and strengthen families.