It Takes A Village

Can we tell you a little secret? Sometimes we get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by how quickly things are progressing; overwhelmed by the need around us; but mostly overwhelmed by our Father’s goodness, His provision and the truly amazing people He has and continues to bring into our lives.

Because, you see, missions is about community. It is about a community of God’s children coming together with one heart and one purpose. And this past week, more than ever, we have felt that sense of community – individuals, families, and churches supporting, encouraging, motivating, enabling, and working WITH us.

This week Roots & Wings had the pleasure of welcoming our very first missions team! The team came all the way from Ohio to serve the city of Mazatlan through a variety of projects. On Friday, they, along with members of our local church, Centro Familiar Amor y Libertad, came out to Roots & Wings for a day full of hard work and fun times. They moved at least a thousand bricks, filled in the massive 3-meter-deep trenches surrounding our newly finished septic and water reserve tanks, and began painting the exterior of the daycare. They accomplished a LOT and we are extremely grateful for their help! Thank you Grace Church of Mentor, Mission View Church, Maranatha Bible Church and CFAL for all of your hard work! {We hope those muscles aren’t too sore!}

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We often get asked the question, “How can I help?” Well, volunteering is an excellent hands-on way to get involved. We LOVE volunteers and welcome them for a variety of roles at Roots & Wings. So if moving a thousand bricks (among many other possibilities!) sounds like an experience you (your family, church, group, etc.) would like to have, please contact us!

Becoming a monthly sponsor is also another great way to help. By doing so you would be helping to cover the costs of operating the daycare and directly influencing how many children Roots & Wings is able to admit.

We know that not everyone is capable, or called, to help through finances or volunteering. So, calling all prayer warriors, we need you too! Roots & Wings could not function without prayer. From Canada to Guatemala, to who knows where, there are people faithfully, passionately praying for Roots & Wings. We have no words to thank you for coming alongside us in this way. We’re feeling those prayers, so keep them coming!

We are so grateful for each one of you that has committed to come alongside us, and in one way or another, be an active part of the ministry of Roots & Wings! We have felt so encouraged by you, particularly this last week. And we just want you to know that we appreciate you so much and cherish your involvement in Roots & Wings and in our lives.

For our current donors, an important announcement:

U.S. Supporters: Roots & Wings is now a registered 501(c)3 charity!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been faithfully praying for our approval! Your gifts and donations should now be made directly to Roots & Wings. See our giving page for more details.

Canadian Supporters: We regret to inform you that as of the end of January your donations may no longer be made via “CMMS.” Roots & Wings is working hard on finding an alternative clearinghouse. If you know of any church or organization in Canada that would be interested in partnering with Roots & Wings, please contact us as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and in the interim, please make your checks payable to “Roots & Wings.”

We wonder what the children think about as they watch the building go up.