Putting the Needs of the Child First


In social work anywhere in the world, you never get a 100% success rate.

Sometimes our efforts just won’t work. Sometimes we will have to recommend children be removed from their homes because their caregivers aren’t committed to them. They don’t care for them, they don’t protect them from harm, even when given the ability to do so. And sometimes second and third chances just cannot be extended due to blatant neglect or abuse.


We believe children belong with their families. 100 percent. We exist to keep children out of orphanages, yet, we can tell you the story of a time when we were so incredibly grateful for a children’s shelter that could help a child we love find safety. Sometimes these situations do happen and when they do, the child should absolutely be removed from the home.


We so badly wish we lived in a world where every child lives in a loving and safe family. We will fight every day for that world. But we also realize that we live in a broken and sinful world, and we won’t get there until Christ returns. We need efficient child protective services. We need short-term orphanages and group homes. We need loving foster families. We need committed adoptive parents. We need holistic family preservation programs. We need it all.

We need people committed to always putting the needs of the child first. 


Roots & Wings will fight every day to make sure children are safe, healthy and loved. Whether that means providing high quality care to ensure a family stays together, to transitioning a child back into their family, to ensuring a child find safety outside their home when there is no other option. 

 Will you join the fight?