Our Heroes

LA CASITA!!! Our staff is so creative.

So much is happening. And yet sometimes it feels like our pace has slowed from a run to a crawl. We have plans and goals and visions and dreams. We have a waiting list that grows by the day.

Yet there is a need that must be filled before we can move forward: we desperately need staff.

Getting kids caught up in school is always a large task. Thankful for patient staff members and Christian’s amazing attitude.

We are looking for passionate, skilled individuals to join our team. Individuals with a love for Jesus, a heart for His children, and the conviction to be used to make a difference in the lives of the least of these.

The cliché is true. It takes a village to raise a child. We want to build a strong village of individuals who will help us raise a generation of Mazatlan’s sweetest, most vulnerable children.

“Flying” airplanes! This month, our preschoolers are learning all about modes of transportation.

It is a hard job. Oftentimes both physically and emotionally draining. But it is oh so rewarding. 

Our staff, my friends, are the true heroes. They love well and they love hard. They fight daily for our kids. They sometimes get tired and frustrated and keep on going anyway. Every day, they wake up and choose to come to Roots & Wings and love on these children.

You can visibly SEE the difference they are making in our kids’ lives the moment you walk through our doors. They are joyful. They are carefree. They are full of love.

It is never too soon to teach children how to bake cookies.

Once again, we humbly ask you to join in prayer with us. Pray for God’s provision of staff. Pray for patience in the waiting. Pray that we may be unified and thus capable of functioning to the best of our ability. Pray that each day God would fill our cups, so that we may continue to pour out His love and grace on our children.

Movie Hour! (This happens, like, never. So it was a pretty big deal.)

Is God calling YOU to answer our call? Contact us for information about becoming a short-term volunteer at Roots & Wings.