Did you know that Roots & Wings sometimes opens its doors to children who are not technically in the program? 


Miguel is 11 years old. He does not go to school, he can’t read or write and he is painfully sweet.

Miguel is an orphan; he has bounced around from home to home, relative to relative for most of his life.

Most of the time Miguel spends his days alone and his evenings taking care of his younger cousins.

Every Friday afternoon, Miguel joins us at Roots & Wings. He meets with Rebeca for therapy and then joins our students for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s the highlight of his week; but it is not nearly enough.

God wants so much more for Miguel.


Miguel needs a place to go where his education will be started and encouraged until completion. He needs a place to go where he can feel safe and loved. He needs a place to go where he can express his emotions without fear.

He needs a place where he will be taught, motivated, corrected, challenged and shown affection.

Most importantly Miguel needs a place where he can learn about the hope we have in Jesus.

Roots & Wings can become that place.

A place of refuge, hope and empowerment for Miguel and other youth like him. And your gift toward Roots & Wings Grows Up campaign will bring us one step closer to making it happen.

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