Letting Go


It is our natural response when we see an unjust situation to want to do something about it.

In the USA or Canada, we can usually go through the proper channels to make sure the situation will be addressed. If you suspect child abuse or neglect, you can call CPS. If you witness an argument turn violent, you can call the police. When laws are set, you can be confident they will be enforced.


But when there is no system in place, or the system is horribly flawed, you’ll very often find yourself trying to take its place.


It is so easy to fall into. When the vulnerable are being trampled, it is so extremely difficult to turn away.

Because our natural response is that SOMEBODY has to do SOMETHING.


We too often hear stories of orphanages in Mexico being run by pedophiles. Men and women with no real qualifications playing doctor and taking another’s fragile life into their hands. Human trafficking, child abductions, negligence, sexual abuse… the list goes on.


So often justice is not the outcome in these situations.


Everything inside of you screams to step in and do something. But lately I’ve been realizing how important it is to learn to let go sometimes. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally. And it’s certainly not easy.


But we’re learning that letting go is not the same as accepting the injustice or giving up on those involved. 

It just means giving it up to God and realizing our own limitations; acknowledging what we are realistically capable of and focusing on those God opens the door to allow us to help.

Pray for us as we learn when to let go and focus on loving harder and serving better those we can.