A Lesson in Love

Running a non-profit is a lot of work. I mean a LOT.

Three months ago we were THIS close to opening. We hounded our construction crew DAILY, urging them to work faster; push harder; FINISH the building sooner.

Then seemingly overnight, we found ourselves running a daycare from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., taking on the responsibility of nurturing, disciplining, feeding, soothing, guiding, caring for our pack of little creatures that were suddenly dependent on us for 10 hours a day. 


Evenings became overrun with errands, grocery shopping, preparations and planning, e-mails, fundraising, and never-ending paperwork, followed by more errands, shopping, emails… you get the drift.

Life got so busy.

We can easily get caught up in tasks and to-do lists, that we forget the importance of being present.

Jesús is three. God has blessed this toddler with such a tender, affectionate, loving heart. He reminds us every day to just be. Here. Present. Breathing it all in. To pause and enjoy the moment. Intentionally be the tangible love of God in the lives that surround us, big or small.


Jesús lives out his love every single day. To him, love means tackling us from behind in a giant bear hug. Or an unexpected, quick pat on the butt as he is walking by. {We’re slowly learning about respecting others’ personal space.} It’s an uninhibited, deafening squeal, at any given moment and for any (or no) particular reason. Or affectionately squeezing a baby’s foot while they play side by side.


I have learned so much from him. He loves so openly. So freely. So presently.

Life often distracts us from relationships. From the people around us who desperately need us to be present.

It is so easy to get caught up in work. In emails. In fundraising. In paperwork and projects and plans.


Sometimes we just need to be reminded that email can wait. You can make that phone call after you sit down and make time for that person beside you who needs you – right now.

Pause. Give your undivided attention. Remind someone that they are valued. That they are important. That they are loved.

Be present.


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