Leaving on a Jet Plane.


We are posting this from the airport. As if updating you from such a place will give this post the appropriate amount of magnitude. We have prayed, packed and prepped for this moment and now stand at the precipice of this new ambition.

You know how in movies or books there is always a pivotal moment for the character that defines the rest of their story? The moment where their actions alter not only their immediate future but the trajectory of their lives. We have just passed through security and are sitting at our gate, one way tickets in hand, and I just can’t help but think that this is not that moment.

I know, that was terribly anticlimactic, but true nonetheless. I am afraid that that life-shaping moment lay somewhere in the past. So our story is going to be of the “in medias res” variety. Today we take our next big step. Today we leave Texas and land in our new home, Mazatlan.

There have been various moments on this journey where the reality of what we are beginning has really materialized in our minds. However today is probably the most dramatic transition we have undergone. We are anxious to begin – to get our hands dirty, so to speak. After today we will be living full time in Mexico. All our time will be dedicated to getting the daycare up and running.

We can’t wait, and the beauty is we don’t have to.

Please continue to pray with us as we face our next wave of decisions and challenges. We have listed specific needs/requests on the right.

We will continue to update the blog frequently so keep checking back for news from Maz!