We have shared with you before about a little girl named Daniela and in passing we mentioned her older sister Kena. While Daniela’s health was and is a huge concern, she was fortunate in that a lady in the neighborhood began babysitting her. Under this woman’s loving care Daniela is well on her way to a full recovery.

Kena, however, was left in the care of an older woman who also watched over many other children during the day. As a result it was not uncommon to see Kena wandering around alone or finding her own food. In short, this environment taught Kena to care for herself. And sadly, she has grown so accustomed to fending for herself that she has become a cautious and at times extremely serious baby girl.


Kena, at 18 months, rarely spoke. She hardly ever interacted with others – children or adults. And when she ate, Kena would often hide in a corner protecting her food. Little Kena never smiled.

Daniela’s sitter could not watch both girls and Maria could not afford adequate childcare. Her only option was to leave Kena with whoever would watch her for free, regardless of the quality of care.

This is just one of many similar stories which we hope to change. At Roots & Wings these children will enjoy just being children. They will play, eat, laugh, learn and grow. They will be loved unconditionally and know that their Father in heaven loves them even more.

Roots & Wings will not be just a building and this ministry does not begin only upon completion of the the daycare facility. Roots & Wings is relationships; with children, their parents and the community. The building will simply provide a place for Roots & Wings to give these children the love, care and security they so badly need. This building will aid in our mission to help children attain physical and spiritual wholeness and enable them to live joy-filled, purposeful lives. 

And we are asking YOU to come alongside us in carrying out this mission. When you donate toward the construction of a childcare building, you are helping Roots & Wings truly change lives!

Lives like Kena’s.

With effort and time you can gain Kena’s trust. And the reward of this almost 2-year-old’s smile is worth more than you can imagine. The feel of her small hand gripping your finger as she guides you along her desired path or the sound of her sweet, small voice as she babbles about the world. . . well, it just steals your heart.