Home Life

Early Saturday afternoons out at Urias are noticeably calmer than the hustle and bustle we are used to during the week.


Fewer garbage trucks are zipping down the hill, more parents are at home with their children, and everyday activities like doing laundry or preparing a late lunch make the trash-surrounded structures in this community look more like the homes they truly are.


Little girls are playing house, pretending to make soup out of pebbles and dirt. Babies are futilely resisting their afternoon nap with as much energy as they can muster.


Boys are running around catching anything they come across and adding to their collection of knee scrapes.


This Saturday we spent the morning in Urias playing a net-less game of volleyball with a few kids and hanging out under the shade of a tarp just chatting with a mom and her daughters.


We relish each instance in which they welcome us into their world, their lives, their homes.