Thank You.

_68A3703We just wanted to take a moment to say… thanks. If we could hop on a plane and travel to whatever part of the world you are in right now and give you a great big hug – we would. Seriously. We type up thank you notes and e-mails, knowing no matter how we say it, we will not come close to adequately expressing the ‘thank you’ you deserve to hear. Words on a page feel so lacking and thank you notes in the mail seem so insufficient. How do we express how grateful we are that you enable us to fulfill God’s calling on our lives and the passion in our hearts every day? That you have embraced this heart that God has given us to serve the children of Mazatlán and then stand behind it with your finances? Month after month you give… generously, selflessly, faithfully. It is so inspiring. It is so humbling. We can only sit here in awe and wonder at how graciously our Father has blessed us with such an amazing group of supporters.

We’ve talked a lot about Phase Two in the last couple of months and many of you have asked if we’ll be throwing another fundraising campaign. And the answer for the time being is “no.” God asked us to take a giant leap of faith when we announced our 50K in 50 Days campaign last year. Well, this year God is asking us to take another… but in a slightly different way. This time around, we feel God is calling us to take a more relaxed approach, so to speak, and just believe.  

_68A3782It’s exciting. We cannot wait to see how God moves to provide. How you, our dear friends, will once again sacrifice and give and breathe new hope into Roots & Wings.

You are incredible. You bless us beyond words. We truly wish we could say this to each of you face to face. But instead here are our clumsy, insufficient words once again.

Sending you each a GREAT BIG VIRTUAL HUG. Thank you for being a part of Roots & Wings and our lives. We love you.