No Greater Hope

It’s okay to feel suffocated by a need,
but sometimes when you try to meet that need
without first meeting a God who is big enough for you and the need,
you’ll find yourself suffocating still.


There is something inside of us, when we are exposed to the injustices around us in Urias, when we see children walk through our doors dirty, hungry and alone; when we see young women dragged into a life of prostitution and abuse; young boys caught up in a life of violence and crime… something inside us longs for justice to be served and all these wrongs to be made right. For evil to be punished and for goodness to prevail.


In those moments, we must remind ourselves that Jesus is the answer to the world’s hurt. And we are so grateful that we have not been called to “fix it all” or even to understand. But that we are called to simply trust. And to act when He calls us to act.


And while oftentimes it aches and it’s scary and messy and exhausting… and there are days when the hopelessness threatens to consume… We return to Jesus’ promise that if we seek Him out we will find Him.


And when we find Him, we find hope. Because Jesus is coming back. And there is NO GREATER HOPE than our Savior coming back to claim us for eternity.


So it is worth it, friends, to go to those dark places. If only to gain a greater hope, a greater longing, and wait with even greater anticipation. And to cry out with all our hearts, “come, Lord Jesus!”