The Gift That Gives Back

christmasmiracle December is here reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner! This season of giving, why not give a gift that truly keeps on giving? Roots & Wings is inviting you to give in one or more of the following ways:

1) Be a part of Roots & Wings’ Christmas Miracle. Help us furnish the daycare so that, come January and the completion of Phase One of construction, we are ready to open! Cribs, bibs, and science kits. They all make the list and we are asking for your help in getting Roots & Wings furnished and equipped to begin taking care of children. Donate today towards the furnishing of the daycare!

2) Give toward Phase Two of construction. With already 9 kids on the waiting list, we’ve acknowledged that our ability to help as many children as possible will only be limited by the amount of space and resources we have! Donate toward our building fund to help us ensure construction doesn’t end at Phase One. Upon completion of Phase Two, our capacity will more than triple!! 

3) Last, but certainly not least, consider committing to a monthly sponsorship for the general operations of the daycare. Before we open, we would like to raise a minimum of $1,000 in monthly commitments. This money will go toward the daily running of Roots & Wings including the costs of electricity, water, food, gas, childcare staff, school transportation and so much more. You can go to our Donate page and sign up for a monthly donation subscription via PayPal!

Not sure what to get that certain family member for Christmas? Roots & Wings can meet your gift giving needs! Donate to Roots & Wings in honor of someone special.  And let them know of your donation on their behalf by presenting them with the printable gift certificate below! {click here to print!}

christmas gift certificate

Together we can make Roots & Wings’ first Christmas one an unforgettable one; together we can build something extraordinary; together we can change the lives of Mazatlan’s neediest children. 

Edited 20132