Furnish A Room

Construction is well underway and Roots & Wings will be opening the doors of the daycare before you know it! (Can you FEEL our excitement?!) We are building a place of love, care and security for the children who live near the garbage dump and we want that to be reflected in every aspect of the daycare.


 The little ones who are the heart and soul of this ministry play, eat, sleep and live in conditions that break our hearts and urge us to act.


They play with items picked from the trash. At Roots & Wings they will play with little toy cars, build epic block towers, and paint masterpieces that look suspiciously like hand prints.


They eat meals prepared in the dusty outdoors with no running water. Our kitchen will not only be a place where delicious and nutritious meals are made but also a place where parents will learn about nutrition and making healthy meals for their families.


These children go to the restroom outside or use outhouses with no running water. We will provide clean, kid-friendly bathroom facilities that will help our kids learn and practice good personal hygiene habits.


They sleep on used mattresses found in the garbage dump that are laid on the dirt floor of their homes. We will provide comfy sleeping areas where our kids can relax, unwind and rest.

We want to provide a place where children can enjoy basic amenities. A place where they can be comfortable. A place where they can enjoy simply being children. Please join us in creating such an environment. Help furnish the playroom or the dining room. Donate a frying pan, baby walker, or crib.  Each contribution will  go a long way towards making Roots & Wings the place of love, care and security these children need.

Click here to find out how you can help.