Declaring Truth


We look at their environment, we look at their families, and their future seems bleak. They don’t seem to be of much consequence in the world.

But what does God tell us?

He tells us that each and every one of them is fearfully and wonderfully made.


They are of great worth.


He has a plan for them.


They can make good choices.


They are never alone.


They are loved.


In order for us to believe that the children and families we serve will succeed, we need to focus on what they are, rather than what they are not.

Sometimes that is all they need. Someone to tell them they are special and worth it and confirm that truth day after day.

One day each of our children will leave the comforts of Roots & Wings. But they will carry with them the love and acceptance they experienced here. And our prayer is that it will give them the strength they need to keep going – ever clinging to the One who has declared these truths over their lives long before Roots & Wings did.