Choosing Thankfulness

Blessings and love from our sunny little corner of Mazatlan, Mexico. If there is one thing we have learned in our 6 months here [seriously? It’s been HALF a year?], is that we are constantly at war. Ministering to underprivileged children can be HARD and if we are not consciously, actively fighting against feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and doubt, we quickly become consumed by them. Instead of focusing on a God who unfailingly continues to give, strengthen and provide so lavishly. So we have to stop. Take a moment. Soak it all in. Make a note. Write it down.

Because we MUST be intentional about gratitude. Always. Every day.

So this is a rejoicing post. Let’s go. Here are ten things we are thankful for this week:

  1. The precious faces we get to see every week at kid’s club and the uniqueness of each one. They just make our hearts smile.
  2. A place to call home. Yes folks, we are OFFICIALLY MOVED IN. Once again, God has met our needs.
  3. Notes, e-mails, blog comments, Facebook messages from dear friends and family.  Always supportive. Always encouraging. Always full of love.
  4. Each other. God continues to strengthen our bond of friendship and we are so, so grateful to have each other to lean on and share this crazy ride.
  5. Every chance we get to see this darling baby’s face… for real? How can one little being possess so much sass and charm?
  6. Answered prayers. It just struck me the other night, just how many answered prayers we have seen lately. God is good.
  7. Good eats. All. The. Time. There is never NOT an occasion to serve a deliciously over-sized feast. Hello, Mexican culture. We sorta love you.
  8. The world wide webz. Keeping us connected to all our not-so-near and dear. What a lovely thing it is.
  9. The unspeakable privilege of getting to serve a God that we adore, in this city we love; and the overabundant joy of loving the children that He places in our path.
  10. Grateful for a Redeemer, Savior, and FRIEND.  Jesus, you are everything. Thank you, Father.