Can I Pray For You?

The children at Roots & Wings are blessed. They know who Jesus is and get to learn about Him every day. They have a refuge here at Roots & Wings where their physical needs are met and where they are showered with love. Their lives are by no means perfect, but they are filled with God’s blessings.

It is important to us that the children recognize this truth and learn to live empowered by their identity as children of God. They are not helpless and they are not victims. What they are is immensely blessed, and if they are willing, they can be used by God to bless others.

As a way to help our primary students learn about the importance of being generous with what God has given us and sharing His love with others, we encourage them to go out and serve. (You can read about their first service trip here.)

For their most recent outing, the primary students choose to bless others by interceding on their behalf through prayer. They decided to go to the general hospital and pray for the individuals they encountered there.

They chose the general hospital because it is where the poorest of the poor go to receive medical attention. With no waiting room at the emergency entrance, patients are often left to wait outside for hours until they are attended, and family members crowd the area while they wait for news of their loved ones. 

In the weeks leading up to the outing, our students began practicing by going up to each of Roots & Wings’ staff members and asking if and how they could pray for them. As their confidence grew, they began praying with parents and visitors.

They also saved up money to buy ingredients to make sandwiches and drinks for the people at the hospital. They made signs that said things like “Jesus is the Answer,” “Free Hugs,” and “Can I Pray For You?”   

When the day of their field trip arrived, they left Roots & Wings a bit nervous, but ready and willing.

They prayed for individuals who were waiting anxiously to be seen by a doctor. They prayed for families who were waiting outside in the Mazatlán heat for news regarding their loved ones.

They prayed for doctors and nurses as they came to and from work. They gave sandwiches and drinks; they gave hugs, they gave smiles, they gave strength, they gave hope.

God works in amazing ways. On this particular day, God used a group of kids who were willing to be instruments of His love to reach out to the sick, to the worried, to the suffering and to the hopeless. Through their actions, our students were able to show the people they encountered at the hospital how very much God loves them.

And the blessing was two-fold. Our students came back with beaming smiles and hearts overflowing with joy and a newfound understanding of just how awesome it is to serve their Jesus.

And today you have the opportunity to do the same. Pray for our children. Pray that their relationship with Jesus grows deeper and stronger every day. Pray that God will continue to use them in mighty ways. And support our children and the work God is doing through them by signing up to support Roots & Wings today.