And So It Begins…


You did your part during Roots & Wings’ 50K in 50 Days campaign and it is now time for us to do ours and get this daycare built! We dream of clay shingles, outdoor walkways, bright rooms, cozy rocking chairs and play structures. But all these are details for further down the road.

Right now it is time for the hard work and the heavy lifting. On the agenda for the following weeks:

1) Clean the land.
2) Level the land.
3) Pour the foundation.

Pallets, air filters, pots & pans, roller blades & chicken eggs. You name it and we can probably find it on the lot. Our first step is going to be clearing off all the junk.  A handful of hired men, our fabulous trio and a hard days’ labor will get the job done. After that it is time to level the land and dig and pour the foundations.

We are fired up and ready to go! And now we are just waiting on the weather. It has rained the past two days and rain is forecasted for rest of the week. But this is beautiful, sunny Mazatlan so we are not too worried. 

See what our future home looks like now and make sure to let us know your construction advice or ideas in a comment below!