Go Back to School; Give Back to Families

On Monday, the kids are heading back to school!

While we’re looking forward to recovering from having ALL the kids here ALL SUMMER LONG, we are a bit sad too because we’ve had such a fun summer all together. The kids are growing up so fast right before our eyes and sometimes it’s a little more than our hearts can handle.

Here at Roots & Wings our educational programs are growing too!

We continue to offer the opportunity to study to ALL the parents and guardians in the program. Some are studying primary school; others junior high; and others high school. But we’re doing it a little differently this year. Instead of using the government program we’ve relied on before, we are using a U.S.-based program, our counseling office is the classroom, and our psychologist is their teacher.

This program will give our parents accreditation in the USA and Mexico, and the best part, we create our own curriculum. That means that EVERYTHING, from their math to history to Spanish lessons, include Biblical teachings that address the specific goals and challenges of each parent and family.

Are they struggling with their finances? We’ll cover that in math. Working on improving their conflict resolution skills? Perfect, let’s look at Scripture and write about it for Spanish class.

The parents are so motivated, and so excited to study this way, that we’re hopeful for great results – both academically and spiritually!

What about those that have finished high school? We’re getting ready to give them more continued education programs too! We will begin offering computer and English classes to those adults very soon – two very highly solicited skills in our tourist destination city.

Our bi-monthly parenting classes are also looking a little differently these days.

They say that the best way to learn is to teach. Well, we agree!

Some of our families have been at Roots & Wings a while, and there comes a time where it’s important to push them to use the knowledge they’ve acquired, and continue their own growth, through teaching others.

So we’ve begun incorporating a time for parents to share about their own experiences and use their testimony to encourage and teach one another. They are given a topic, Scripture references, and a few talking points to cover, and then it’s up to them to plan and develop what they’ll share with their peers.

It’s pretty great, because there are some struggles our families face that none of us on staff will completely understand because we have never walked in their shoes. But when parents share their testimony and what God has brought them through – that is powerful.

So, with all this education happening – how can you help?

Well, there are lots of needs to fill. We need an English and a computer teacher; we need an assistant to help our psychologist develop worksheets and a curriculum.

Maybe you have one of those skills.

Or maybe you have a computer in good condition you can donate. Lastly, you can give. Whatever you chose do to – it will be a gift that breaks cycles and transforms families. Pretty great, right?