The World Through Their Eyes

I will never forget the first time we took Alfredo to the Golden Zone of Mazatlán on an errand. The look of wonder in his eyes as we drove past one condo building after another, his neck twisting and turning to see if his eyes could find the very top of each building as we went by. It seemed almost unreal to think that while he’s lived in this beautiful port city his whole life, with its tourism and cruise ships and miles of beaches lined with resorts, he had never seen any of this up close. 

We love seeing the world through their eyes in those moments. The awe and wonder at the little things in life that so quickly become ordinary to the rest of us. 

After a month of incredibly hard work, 5 of our students reached their goal and got to take a field trip to Burger King and the movies. There was much newness, it was exciting and overwhelming for them at the same time. Paper crowns for sweaty little heads. Special cubbies to guard little shoes while they played. 

It was such a privilege to share in their wonder and joy.

The simple novelty of pouring a fountain drink for the first time. Taking in the massiveness of the screen and sounds in the theater. 

But instead of going on and on about how great their field trip was, let me just share some pictures:

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