Outside Our Walls

Roots & Wings is more than a daycare.

We have said that before and I am sure we will say it again in the future. Roots & Wings is a program that goes beyond caring for children during the day. Our aim is to share the love of Christ not only with children but with their families and with the community surrounding Roots & Wings.

But what does that really mean? More importantly, what does that actually look like?

Well, sometimes it means checking in on children over the weekend because we know that their mother is out of town. Or it means that instead of rushing home after a long day at work, we stop to chat with some of the teenagers in the area about school, life, or how their voice is suddenly 6 octaves deeper.

Other times it means sitting and visiting with children who are not in the daycare. Giving them hugs, giving their mothers hugs and reminding them that we love them very much and that God loves them even more.

Sometimes it means helping fill out job applications and give pep talks; encouraging families to keep going and telling them not to give up.

This week it meant listening to the fears of a teen mother and trying to hug away her tears. It meant buying her a pregnancy test and giving it to her discreetly. It meant telling her not to worry, that every child is a gift from God, and that she is not alone in this. It is part of God’s very plan and purpose for Roots & Wings, and our heart and calling, to stand by her side and face whatever lies ahead together.