Introducing: Paola


Meet Paola!

Paola is your typical 4-year-old chatterbox. She loves to talk to everyone about everything! Paola is a fast learner and has had no problem adapting to the Roots & Wings environment. She’s outgoing, enthusiastic and just a whole lot of fun.

We first met Paola at a children’s shelter here in Mazatlán where she and her parents were visiting her step-brother.  A brother who, a few months later, would be placed permanently in her home. We got to know Paola’s family in the middle of this very difficult situation and thank God for the opportunity to offer our help.

Paola and her family have had many changes in their lives in the past few months. Paola started kindergarten; her family moved into a different home; and her older step-brother moved in after having had very little contact with the family in the past.  Some of these transitions are quick and easy. Yet others are taking longer and are more difficult. 

We are overjoyed that we can be a part of Paola’s life and are grateful that Roots & Wings has been able to come alongside this family as they adjust to their new normal. Being the support system Paola’s family needs is exactly what God has called us to be, and we pray that we can be a blessing and light as we work to strengthen and empower their family each day.