Introducing: Camila


Camila is the only daughter of single mom Yoane. When Yoane was in middle school, her parents stopped paying for her education and she was forced to quit school and begin working.

However, Yoane did not give up on her education. She worked during the day and began attending night school. She paid for her own education and finished middle school, then high school and finally trade school.

During those years Yoane also gave birth to her daughter Camila. Yoane’s work and school schedule paired with her own difficulties with communication resulted in a strained relationship between herself and her young daughter.

Camila and her mother are strangers living in the same home. The day we visited their family, mom was unable accurately describe her daughter – her likes, dislikes or even key aspects of her personality. Camila was being left in the care of her grandfather – an elderly man with mobility issues who was also looking after two other children, one of which has a disability.

Roots & Wings is giving Yoane the reliable childcare she needs to be able to work and provide for her family. At Roots & Wings, Camila has a safe and secure place where she is challenged and encouraged to express herself. Through Roots & Wings’ therapy program, this small family is learning how to interact and communicate effectively. As a result, they are growing closer and stronger as a family every day.