I can almost taste it.


We are so close to moving down that I can taste the mango salsa. We have completed, re-read, edited, read over again, prayed over, put a stamp on and finally sent off our tax exempt application to the IRS.  Now that the bulk of the paperwork is done we can take a moment to breathe.

Okay, moment over. Next up: Packing.  

We plan to move down within the next two weeks. It must be said that the moving process is at times a little daunting. To see your entire life separated into piles of needed, not needed and it just ain’t gonna fit; cleaved, packed into boxes and then stacked neatly in a shipping container is both exciting and jarring. My beloved boots: rain, pirate, batman and the like, were left in lovely southern California to live full and exciting lives on someone else’s feet. Rochelle’s super cute coats, scarves and gloves will be keeping some lucky lady warm in Iowa.  But fear not, the coffee producing contraptions, the chocolate fountain and Mr. London Chaz made the cut.

This step has landed us solidly on the other side of the line that separates dreams and reality. Up to this point all our plans and actions still felt like tiny steps toward a faraway goal. Now that we have packed and sealed our lives, that we are one deep breath away from moving down, it finally feels like we are living our dream. 

We plan to update this blog often to keep you up to date with all the latest happenings south of the border! Please explore the rest of this website to find out more about Roots & Wings and how you can help.

Rochelle & Robin



Prayer Requests:

  • Safe Travel

  • Finding safe and affordable long term housing

  • Approval for our 501(c)(3) status

  • Moving process

  • Visas and Car permit

  • The ministry

  • Financial needs