Fabulous Four

Roots & Wings has the great pleasure of caring for 4 little girls. All of which are within 2 months of each other in age. Sometimes this means we are overloaded with cuteness. Other times it means we have four little ones running in four different directions.
Maria is the oldest and the clear leader of this little troop. She comes up with the plans and invites the others to join in on the fun. 
Juliedt is the problem solver of the bunch.  She is the one who provides the solution for all of the tough problems that arise. Like “How do we get the ball out from under the pack-in-play?”
Next we have Brittany. She is the perpetually happy one. You can almost always find a smile on her face, which can be used as a powerful tool for deception and distraction. While most kids look guilty while being naughty, Brittany just looks ecstatic!
Last but not least we have Yulissa. Yulissa is the chatty bookworm. Even though she is the the most reserved one in our little quartet, she is by no means quiet. While she waits in line for the potty she can regale you with stories narrated with gibberish, giggles and hand gestures.

Together we have our fab four. They are all so very different and so very special. They hug as they wait to wash up for meal times. And they hold hands as they try to break into the kitchen.
These girls are a blessing. We thank God for each one of them and the joy they bring to Roots & Wings each and every day. We are overjoyed to be a part of their lives and can not wait to see the amazing plans God has in store for them.