Why A Daycare?

The short answer: to change the world.




Horrendously arrogant.

Those words do seem to spring to mind. But before you write us off, isn’t that exactly what we should be doing? We want Freddy‘s world to change. We want Kena‘s world to change. We want Maria‘s world to change.  We want Roots & Wings to be God’s instrument of change, sharing the world-changing love of Christ with the people who need Him the most.


The long answer:

We believe a daycare is a great ministry to effect change in the lives of children, in the lives of their families and in the lives of their communities.

Roots & Wings’ daycare can tend to the immediate physical needs of the children it serves. It can enable the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of these children. It can foster learning and provide the means for a solid education.


Roots & Wings’ daycare can reduce the instances of poverty orphans in the community; reduce the instances of children who are given up because their parents are unable to provide for them. Roots & Wings will come alongside families who live in extreme poverty and help shoulder the financial burden of raising children. It will provide parents with a place where they can leave their children while they go to work knowing they will be fed, nurtured, protected and loved.


And in each and every aspect Roots & Wings’ daycare can be a means by which to share the Good News: guiding children, parents and the surrounding community towards a Father who loves them; towards a life that has purpose; towards a world- changing relationship with Christ.