Child Sponsorship Faqs

Roots & Wings offers 4 different levels of sponsorship ranging from $30 a month to $120 a month to allow you to pick an amount that works within your budget.

Yes. Each child may have up to 4 sponsors. Roots & Wings’ sponsorship program is set up so that all money donated through sponsorship covers expenses for all children enrolled in our program.

Roots & Wings accepts children based on need and all children in the program receive the same benefits, regardless of whether they have been chosen for sponsorship. So your sponsorship has an even greater impact as it helps give every child at Roots & Wings much-needed love and care.

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment. A child’s duration in the program is dependent on their family’s unique needs – anywhere from 6 months to several years. When a family is ready to embrace their independence, you will be notified and given the option to transfer your sponsorship to another child.

Yes! We encourage communication with your sponsored child and their family. Click here for more info.

Moderate, practical gifts are permitted on special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. Our goal is to foster independence with our families, and large gifts work against that goal. For more information on sending a gift, click here.

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