Can We Ask You to Pray?

Can we ask you to pray?

Pray that we could find a weekend watchman. Someone responsible, who will build good rapport within the community. Someone whose commitment will be long-term. 


Pray that God would send us passionate, qualified staff. We hold a high, but not an unrealistic, standard of how things should be done in missions. Competence is one of our core values and it is why we are looking for workers who are equipped and qualified to work with our children and families. We will not lower our standards because we work in Mexico or because these are “garbage dump children.” They deserve the best care we can give them. And that begins with passionate but also competent staff.


Pray for patience and protection over the families and children currently waiting to join Roots & Wings. Nearly every day, mothers knock at our door, anxiously wondering when their children will be accepted. The truth is, it is emotionally draining to ask them to continue to wait day after day. Sometimes our desire to just take every last child in is so strong. But we must remind ourselves that God is not unaware of the needs of His children.  He is right there with them. He knows their suffering. And in His time, He will bring them into our care.


Pray for wisdom for us as we lead. Sometimes we feel terribly unqualified to be running a non-profit organization. We have a lot to learn. With the opening of Phase Two, we are extremely eager to take in more kids, but we also realize that we need to prioritize staff development. So we have taken a step back to gain experience and establish our roles. We’re training our workers. Developing each person’s position. Easing into our roles of administration instead of direct child care.


Pray for health for all our staff and children. In January, Roots & Wings was hit hard by all sorts of ailments. From the annoying to the debilitating, from the non-transmittable to the contagious. We work with children and families in one the least hygiene-conscious communities you might encounter. So we are no strangers to unusual symptoms and the atypical ailment. We have a sick policy to prevent illnesses from propagating quickly, but even with the best preventative practices in play, sometimes everyone just gets sick.


Pray about sponsoring a child. It’s worth it. Each one of these children are precious and worth the sacrifice. They brighten our days. They bring us strength and joy. Your monthly support is what assures our ability to keep them safely cared for month after month. Read our kids’ bios and see if God might be calling you to form a relationship with one of them. Also keep checking back regularly for newbies.


We are incredibly grateful for the prayers, support and encouragement we’ve received from you so far this year. Thank you for understanding our silence as of late as we navigate through this season of change and growth. Thank you for being intentional with your messages letting us know that, near or far, you are walking alongside us.

Prayer moves mountains. Let’s move some mountains together.