This is Brittany Nicole. She is a year and a half and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Brittany is an only child and, even at a year old, she has plenty of reasons to frown.

Brittany’s mom, Alexia, is 16 years old and works at the garbage dump to try and provide for her daughter. But it is a meager income at best and some days Alexia is unable to sell her collected items. Which means no money, no food, no diapers.  They have no stable home and are currently living with a friend and her children.

Every Monday morning our sweet little one arrives hungry enough to eat adult-sized portions. One day she came with a fever and another day with painful looking sores on her legs. Some mornings Alexia will tell us that Brittany was up all night because she couldn’t sleep. And yet each and every day we are greeted with a huge smile. A smile that stays in place all day long. A smile that makes you smile back. A smile that brings joy to everyone who sees it.


Please join us in thanking God for Brittany and the happiness she radiates. Pray for protection and provision for Brittany and her mom. And finally, please prayerfully consider sponsoring Brittany and allowing yourself to to be a conduit of Christ’s love for her and her mom.