Bible Talks


Our interactions with the parents sometimes feel a little out of balance. We are learning when to push and when to pull back. When to be firm and when to be forgiving. It’s like a teeter totter that goes up and down. We try something and it doesn’t work, so we change our approach. We are always striving to find the right balance.

It is easy to get frustrated when our words don’t sink in; when a parent repeats the same mistakes over and over again. When neither the soft or hard approach, the gentle or firm tongue, the reward or consequence, make a noticeable impact.  


One thing we do know for certain – Jesus must become the root of all change.

We will see successes; we will see advancement. But until Christ reigns in each of their hearts, sin will continue them on its destructive path.

Through our counseling and parenting classes, in our morning greetings and afternoon conversations, we’ve exposed them to the Gospel. We inject its truth, we proclaim God’s promises, every opportunity we get. They even memorize the obligatory Bible verse once a month.

Perhaps more impactful still – they see their children’s faith. They hear them pray and talk about their favorite Bible stories. They awe at changes in their behavior and interactions.

And a few have given their lives to Jesus as a result. But we always knew more could be done.


It’s been a longtime desire of ours to offer a class to give each parent the opportunity to encounter Jesus in much the same way as their children – through regular Bible study.

And a month ago it happened.

Headed up by some awesome friends from our local church, we launched a weekly Bible study at Roots & Wings. The goal of the Bible study is to show each parent who Jesus is. To help them grasp the depth of His love and forgiveness.

To see them invite Jesus into their daily lives as parents, spouses, community members, workers, so that they can experience His redemptive love in all areas of their lives.

Attendance varies from week to week. But we’ve got a core group of 5 people that are faithfully here, excited and learning about the wonderful God we serve.

Some have made decisions for Christ. Others are still undecided and seeking. But there is POWER in His word and we are confident that God will speak to each person who listens.

Please help us pray that God will use this Bible study to not only reach our parents in a new way, but also those currently outside our influence. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in each one of their hearts and that His love would take root in their lives.