An Average Day

Wake up, get ready, contemplate going back to bed, gulp down coffee. And that is pretty much where the similarities between our days end. We have found that it is never a simple answer when you (our friends, family, loved ones or old elementary school besties who found us on Facebook) ask us what we do each day. We can tell you what we did on a  particular day, or even what we are planning on doing the next day. But it becomes a bit difficult when we try to generalize.

“Oh you know, we are working towards getting a childcare center up and running.”


It almost sounds like we are blowing you off or belittling your interest in us and this ministry by giving you a seemingly vague answer. However it is the truth; that is exactly what we do each day. It just looks very different from one day to the next. One day it meant we were huddled around a print out of a rainbow, crunching up tissue paper for an example of a craft for kid’s club. One day it meant we were talking with construction workers about foundation, drawing out a life size floor plan in the sand, and staying up late into the night drinking coffee and discussing fair pay for manual labor. One day it meant being eaten alive by mosquitoes while a sweet little old lady near the dump showed us her fabulous garden. One day it meant we were at home all day working on the website, sending emails and making phone calls. And one day it meant we put a sleepy baby down for a nap and were able to get a small glimpse of our future.

So for now this can be our little inside joke.

“Hey girls, what have you been doing down there in Maz? What does an average day look like for you?”

And we will smile and say:

“Oh you know, we are working towards getting a childcare center up and running.”

Then we can both laugh and jump into a detailed conversation about the pros and cons of using brick versus cinder block. And then one day in the near future when you ask us the same question we will smile even bigger and answer:

“Well, we get up, get ready, contemplate getting back in bed, gulp down coffee, go to the daycare, and play with and love on some kids…”