That’s our new number.

Twenty-four little people to hug, hearts to nurture, and lives to guide.

We used to know every child intimately. We knew their little quirks, their every expression, their latest word or obsession. As our number keeps growing, it becomes more difficult for us to connect with each child in the way we were able to when there was only 4, then 6, then 8.


It’s bittersweet. They seem to be growing faster. Maturing quicker. Changing at light speed. And we seem to know less and less about the little details in each one’s life. That comes with growth. It was expected and it means Roots & Wings is impacting more and more lives.


One of our constant prayers for the past two years has been, “God, give us staff that first of all love you, and that will love and serve these children.” We want you to know that God is answering our, and your, prayers. We have 5 women who love and care for our children and know those little intimate details of their life. We have a therapist that sees their struggles and wounds and helps them heal. And we have a cook who not only prepares nutritious meals for our children, but she does it with love.

They’re intelligent, creative, fun. They complement and encourage each other. They’re a team.


Pray that God keeps using us, growing us. Pray that every day we can become more and more effective in carrying out our mission.

Pray that we can love each one of these kids profoundly, with the love of Jesus.

Pray that our staff will be filled daily with patience, compassion and purpose.


We’re so incredibly grateful for our team. And for those 24 little people who brighten our lives.