Yesterday, Tomorrow


One year ago Roots & Wings was still very much a dream. We had just broken ground on Phase One of construction and opening day still seemed so far away.


One month ago we had 8 kids enrolled. We had just said goodbye to summer and were getting back into the school-year groove.  


One week ago we had 10 kids enrolled. We had just accepted two more children: two brothers who were at risk of being taken away from their home and placed in an orphanage.


One day ago we had 12 kids enrolled. We have just accepted two more children: two siblings who are dear to our hearts and are in desperate need of the love, care and attention they are not receiving anywhere else.


Each child, each family, each staff member, each volunteer… every person God has brought to Roots & Wings has come at the exact moment God wanted them to come. God’s plans for Roots & Wings are perfect. They are so vastly greater than we know and, while at times it may seem daunting, we are extremely excited to see His plan for Roots & Wings unfold. 

We do not know what tomorrow may hold. We do not know if another emergency situation will arise, leading us to once again accept more children sooner than expected. However, we do know that Phase Two of construction is almost complete. We know that its completion will provide Roots & Wings with much needed space and the ability to take in many more little boys and girls.  And so we will take one day, one step, one moment at a time, resting in the knowledge that God is in control. And His grace will carry us along as it has thus far.

In this month’s newsletter, we posted a list of our most urgent needs to complete and furnish Phase Two. We have been nothing short of  amazed by your immediate response. Thank you.

There are many things still needed, so if you haven’t yet, please read over our updated needs list and prayerfully consider donating towards an item(s):

16 fans – $48 each

4 toilets and 4 sinks – $150 per set

22 windows – $100 each

220 sq. m. of flooring – $13 per sq meter

4 activity tables – $250 each

20 child-size chairs – $20 each

2 baby tubs – $20 each

10 doors – $135 each

7 A.C. units – $540 each

4 3 cribs/play pens – $80-$200 each

2 baby gates – $60 each

(20) 5-gallon buckets of paint – $120 each

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