What Color Should R&W Be?

Last year we shared with you about the tremendous growth we were experiencing at Roots & Wings. We shared about all the amazing things God was doing and what we felt God still had in store for us.

Last year we also asked for your help with something big. We asked your help in making it possible for Roots & Wings to serve even more families. We asked for your help to build a second story.

In June, Roots & Wings began Phase 3 of construction and for over 11 months you have gone above and beyond to make it possible for Roots & Wings to grow UP. You’ve donated, you’ve prayed and some of you have even come to Mazatlán and worked to bring us to where we are today.

We have finally reached the last leg of the journey. The walls are up, the tile is mostly laid, the windows are in, the paint is being applied and the doors have been delivered. 

Nevertheless, there is still a bit more that needs to happen before we can make ourselves at home in all that new space. We still need toilets, sinks, fans and a/c units. And once those things are installed we will need to furnish the rooms and get them ready for use. This means we will need tables, chairs, desks, cabinets and more.

We are almost there, but we still need your help to cross that finish line! Help make it possible for Roots & Wings to serve even more families with excellence by donating today. 

Don’t forget to leave your color suggestions in the comments below!