One Man’s Trash…


This week we brought in the big guns, or rather the backhoe’s. As these machines tore through the ground they uncovered trash. Layers and layers of it. In some areas over 3 feet of compacted garbage had to be removed before solid ground could be reached.


But the boys who live in the surrounding area didn’t see just trash. Immediately they ran into the fray and began working. As the machines loosened the dirt these boys searched through the mess for pipes, pots, cables, anything made of metal. They searched for anything they could sell.



Their actions mimicked those of so many of the adults in their lives working just up the hill. Their knowledge of which items are of value and their comfort in working around big trucks and heavy machinery speaks of a long standing familiarity with sifting through garbage.


How old were they the first time they sifted through a pile of trash? How many years do they have before they make the trek up the hill and start working in the garbage dump? Do the kids who live in this area even consider growing up and doing something different?

Roots & Wings aims to show these kids the many paths that their lives can take. We aim to give them the hope of a better future.

Please pray for a smooth and speedy construction process so that we can open our doors to these children as soon as possible. And please continue to pray for the children in this community. Pray for their health, their safety and their future.