Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we’re inviting you to honor the mothers of Roots & Wings who are fighting to keep their families together.

Meet Mari. She is one of these moms.

She is brave.

She is resilient.

And her love for her son is like nothing else in this world.

Mari’s life took a turning point the day she decided to leave her drug-addict husband. She knew leaving him wouldn’t be easy. Just thinking about a future as a single mom scared her to her core. But with bravery and determination, she took a leap of faith and left. Her wage as a maid was enough to put food on the table but not much else, and the long hours made her rely on family to watch her son, which soon began to put a strain on their relationship.

Mari wanted more. She wanted complete independence.

This is when she was introduced to Roots & Wings. We saw potential in Mari, and we believed her journey to giving her son a better future was worth fighting for.

Sebastian began attending our Child Development Center and Mari began to learn how to rebuild her and her son’s life together.

We watched as Mari began to blossom. The therapy and counselling both her and her son received on site slowly transformed her family. Even through a devastating job loss and criticism from her family, she has persevered in her pursuit of the dreams she has for their lives.

Today, Mari is well on her way to achieving her goal of complete independence. She’s moved out of her parents’ home. Her son is thriving academically and emotionally and she is dreaming big for both of their futures.

Our journey with Mari isn’t over yet. We’ll continue providing childcare and educational assistance for Sebastian and supporting and cheering Mari on as she works to give her son a stable home. They have both completed their therapy, but our team is always on standby ready to offer her prayer, encouragement and some extra help along the way.

Mari is a fighter. Her story is one of redemption, and every step she takes towards a better future sets an example to those around her. We couldn’t be more proud!

Will you join us in our fight to keep families together and help them as a unit grow healthy and strong?

Donate in honor of all our hard-working mamas like Mari today!