Love Never Fails

At Roots & Wings we continually encounter heartbreaking situations. With each new family, we hear more stories of traumatic pasts and we see more pictures of distressing home lives. When combined, the problems our families face may seem overpowering. How can we even begin to help when so much pain and brokenness exists in their lives?

We can begin to help them and we can continue to help them because we have the ultimate solution to all of their problems.

We have something that is stronger than their pain. We have something that can heal their brokenness. We have Jesus. And we have His unfailing love.

God’s love for every child and family at Roots & Wings is displayed in many ways. One of the most powerful ways it is seen is through all of Roots & Wings’ supporters. Each of you, when you give of your time or your resources, become willing conduits of God’s love for the children and families of Roots & Wings.

You choose to finance the building of a family center in a garbage dump community, and you do it out of love.

You choose to take on the burden of providing for children who are not your own, and you do it out of love.

You choose to provide wages for Christian personnel who are instilling Biblical principles in these children and modeling Christ-centered lives, and you do it out of love.

You choose to provide needy families with affordable childcare and Bible-based parental education, and you do it out of love.

You choose to prevent families from being torn apart, and you do it out of love.

And that love has the power to change lives. It has the power to confront the ugliest of situations and bring about beauty. It has the power to reach into the brokenness and bring healing. It has the power to take on the toughest of situations and come out victorious.

God’s love is not temporary; it is not weak and it is not earned. God has chosen to love us – all of us. And that love is constant, it will not falter, it will not end, it will not fail.

Thank you for showering Roots & Wings in God’s love.